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Cyberbullying led to teen girl’s suicide in Pretoria


A 13-year-old girl from Pretoria committed suicide on Monday after a long-term cyberbullying. According to the reports, she was hounded by the group of pupils from her school, who allegedly forwarded a disturbing image of hers through WhatsApp groups.

The girl started to avoid classes and even asked teachers for help as the photo continued to circulate around the web. Her mother visited the school principal on Monday morning to talk about that issue. Hours later she found her child’s body at home.

“This heartbreaking incident is a wake-up call to everyone working with children. Children experience emotions much more severe and can be very impulsive. They don’t have the knowledge to realize in the spur of the moment that everything will be ok tomorrow,” the Sinoville Crisis Centre (SCC) CEO Colleen Strauss said. He also sent the deepest condolences to the victim’s family on behalf of the SCC.


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