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Ikemeleng unemployed claim jobs at Kroondal mine


On Monday, February 18, the unemployed at Ikemeleng in Kroondal near Rustenburg staged a protest at the Kroondal mine. The citizens expressed concern over the lack of permanent employment and demanded jobs at the mine.

“We are here today to let the mine know that we as Ikemeleng community want what is ours and that is jobs and tenders. There is a tender that came out dealing with the dumping area in Ikemeleng. The business owners we know applied for the tender but they did not receive it. And they were not even given a reason why,” an Ikemeleng community leader said.

The protesters stated in the memorandum that their demands should be fulfilled within seven days. As the production manager, Judah Mache pointed out, he was aware of the Ikemeleng community requirements and promised to fulfill them.

Potential workers called on the mine to stop working at the dump site areas after suspicions of contractor’s relations to the councilor’s boyfriend and demanded not to deal with him on employment issues in the future.

The protesters also wanted the mine to recognize the employment forum to participate in the forum on employment issues.


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