Home Society Gauteng government aims to exterminate all criminal business

Gauteng government aims to exterminate all criminal business


Money laundering businesses had become a real problem within Gauteng so all of it should be rooted out by law enforcement units as swiftly as possible, Premier David Makhura said during his state of the province address on Monday.

As an argument to his words, Makhura cited some entrepreneurs’ allegations that claimed some criminal organizations have been laundering money by working illegally and selling toxic adulterated foodstuff and counterfeit goods.

Makhura also added that the normal businesses that are operating lawfully might have been affecteded by the police efforts but that was, however, a necessary measure.

“Many say they’re punished by authorities instead of being supported to thrive. The people of Gauteng, let me make it clear – we will not allow global criminal syndicates to take over townships and displace genuine township businesses. We are determined to close any illegally operating business in every part of our province,” Makhura said.


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