Home Politics De Lille will fight to clear her name of alleged corruption

De Lille will fight to clear her name of alleged corruption


Former Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille revealed her plans to take legal action against members of the DA. She will be serving four members of Parliament from the Democratic Alliance with a summons this week. De Lille made an announcement while addressing the supporters of her new-formed party Good in Cape Town at the weekend.

This action is connected with a report that appeared on social media with her photo and a title “Patricia de Lille exposed”. The report was made by Auditor-General and related to the tenders of MyCity bus in which she was implicated while she was the mayor of Cape Town.

Patricia de Lille is determined to defend her honor and to prove her innocence.

During her speech in Cape Town de Lille said: ‘For the past two years, it’s been very tough for me I had to endure a vile and relentless dirty tricks campaign to get rid of me as the mayor of Cape Town’.

She added: ‘I am going to sue them and each one for half a million rand. It’s not about the money, it’s about my name. I want to send out a strong message to those who continue to say I am corrupt that I will deal with them’.


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