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Measles outbreak in Madagascar: death toll rises to 1000


The World Health Organisation (WHO) published new data on the measles in Madagascar based on the government’s statistics. According to it, up to 922 children and young adults have died to the highly contagious viral disease since last October. More death are believed to come in the future months as a total amount of infected has already crossed the 66-thousand mark.

Among the reasons that caused severe illness outbreak is a minority of vaccinated residents: only 58% in 2017. The local health department launched a company to ensure other people have been protected from measles.

“We believe that should go a long way toward stemming the current outbreak,” WHO’s Dr. Katrina Kretsinger said.

The virus has spread over all of 22 regions of Madagascar.

Measles has a high mortality rate not because of the decease itself but of complications it provides, including fatal pneumonia or diarrheal diseases.


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