Home Accidents Up to 38 workers feared dead following Zim mine flooding

Up to 38 workers feared dead following Zim mine flooding


The workers who had been mining in the Zimbabwean shafts were feared dead after the flooding caused by heavy rains.

According to the local media reports, the weather conditions provoked a collapse of a dam wall, resulting in serious flooding of two local mines: the Silver Moon Mine and the Cricket Mine. At that moment 34 prospectors were mining gold ores inside the first tunnel while 4 others were in the second one. All of them were instantly trapped by a continuous flow.

Emergency services deployed heavy duty pumps in order to drain liquid and rescue the miners. According to Mhondoro-Ngezi district administrator Fortunate Muzulu, the chances that anyone survived are very low as water filled up approximately all of the 30-meters-deep mines. However, attempts to free workers have not been finished yet.

“We urgently need to mobilise more pumps. As many as we can because the water levels are continuously rising from beneath and we are not sure if the miners had reached an aquifer below,” Mashonaland West Provincial Administrator Cecilia Chitiyo said to the press.


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