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Operational train numbers increased by over 30% in WC


Western Cape railway system has been successfully expanding as the number of train sets working within the province has grown significantly since last year.

“We are currently operating 48 train sets which is an improvement from where we came down last year being 36-37 train sets. We last year visited our contractors to get a commitment that now we are going to bring additional train sets back into the system,” Metrorail Western Cape regional manager Richard Walker said.

In relation to the matter, he added that the company has been aiming to return about 60 train sets in the next couple of month that will further boost the infrastructure and allow more trains to be on a daily schedule.

Walker also reported that the Rail Enforcement Unit (REU) formed to protect railway property from thieves and other perpetrators has done a great job in dealing with crime. During the joint operations, squads made over 150 arrests and seized numerous meters of cabling.


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