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Gun shop burglary in Boksburg: 100 firearms stolen


A group of armed criminals has managed to perform a serious gun shop robbery with no shots being fired. According to the source, they got away carrying the bags with about 100 weapons inside.

One of the suspects — reportedly a middle-aged man — entered Limpopo Arms in Boksburg on Wednesday morning. He asked the staff to help him with weapon choice when two other perpetrators came in the building. At the same time, the first suspect pulled out his gun and pointed it on the unaware salesman.

In minutes the three got access to a store room, packed as many firearms as they could and ran out from the shop.

“The suspects fled the scene using a vehicle belonging to Limpopo Arms. The vehicle was later recovered by metro police and the tracking company at corner Pretorius and Tait Streets in Witfield,” police spokesperson Captain Pearl Van Staad said. He added that the criminal group allegedly changed the car to a green Mazda.

An investigation over an opened case of robbery is underway, no arrests have been made yet.


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