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Wynberg community didn’t evaluate a future MyCiTi infrastructure


On Wednesday, February 13, it has become known that the Wynberg community was not satisfied with the Cape Town’s plan to build a MyCiTi infrastructure.

The fact is that because of the supposed construction, many families living along the South Road would have to move. In this regard, the South Road Families Association has had long disputes with the city.

The project, valued at R800 million, involves the creation of a direct bus route along Wetton Road and a main route with dedicated bus lanes along the South and Ottery roads.

At the moment, the question of the main route is being decided by the council, however, the South Road residents are opposed to the construction project because of the possible demolition of houses:

“We are not opposed to any transport system that will enable Capetonians to have a better and effective system. However, we are opposed to having homes demolished and people displaced onto the periphery of Cape Town,” the South Road Families Association representative said.


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