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“It’s a real miracle that she survived” — doctors about the baby dumped in KZN drain


A newborn girl was rescued from a storm sewer in Newlands East‚ north of Durban‚ KwaZulu-Natal. The child survived despite the dangerous situation. At the moment, her condition is stable.

The doctor at the local hospital, Timothy Hardcastle, described the incident as a miracle and pointed out that the girl had survived in an incredible way.

Dr. Hardcastle was on call at Chief Albert Luthuli Central Hospital when the newborn has been brought there after a three-hour rescue operation.

“I think any child who survives any amount of hours – and it sounds like it was at least four to five hours – in a stormwater pipe on days two or three after birth is a miracle. It is mercy from above that she is alive‚” Hardcastle stressed.

According to the doctors, the girl is in good mood now, diagnosed with mild hypothermia.

The provincial police department opened a murder attempt case.


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