Home Politics Ramaphosa is planning to make changes in the department

Ramaphosa is planning to make changes in the department


The government has announced several plans to try to cut costs and reduce the size of the cabinet. The proposal, which Ramaphosa intends to implement after the elections, will include a merger of several government departments and the removal of several posts in the government. In addition, the Faculty of Economics will be created.

This follows the speech of Ramaphosa in SONA, where he made similar promises to cut costs and improve the efficiency of the government, especially his proposal to divide the ESKOM into three parts. In addition, Minister of Public Administration and Administration Ayanda Dlodlo, reportedly explained to City Press that the government is also considering reducing the number of provinces, a proposal that was last discussed at the ANC conference in Mangaung. Dlodlo said local authorities are studying how effective they are in terms of providing services and how they can be improved. As for the merger of departments, several specific departments were identified as possible candidates for a merger. As an example, the proposed combination of agriculture and land reform, mineral resources with the Department of Energy, as well as with the department of public works with the development of rural areas.

All of this is part of the desire of the state to overhaul the state. Other important changes in the table include the division of intelligence services into two agencies, one of which deals with domestic issues and the other with foreign ones, as well as reduces the labor bill. According to reports, the salary of 1.2 million state employees costs the taxpayer nearly R500 billion each year.


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