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Ramaphosa’s plans to fight corruption are welcomed by PSA


The Public Servants Association said on Monday that it welcomed the steps announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his speech last week in the fight against corruption. The PSA, which represents more than 240,000 public sector employees, also urged that any measures to support investment, stimulate economic growth, create jobs, develop infrastructure and reform state-owned enterprises (SOEs) should be carried out transparently with the participation of all stakeholders.

“The PSA is constantly worried about corruption and state capture. If such warnings were taken into account, such actions could be resolved much faster, ” Ivan Fredericks, PSA General Director said. “The PSA welcomes the announced creation of the Investigation Department to combat serious corruption and related crimes and to return assets associated with the proceeds of corruption,” he added.

He said that the confirmed plight of state-owned enterprises such as the energy company Eskom because of poor governance and corruption and the paralyzing destructive impact of the state’s seizure of vital public institutions “gives certain hope that plans to address these issues and get quick results. ”

“The success of the Eskom turnover plan, in particular, will be closely monitored by PSA,”  Fredericks said.

On Monday, the restricted Eskom announced that it would carry out a phased power outage a day after the first load disconnection was put in force on December 9, since its generating capacity was under new pressure.


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