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Zambian cabinet approves a plan to develop the country’s tourism sector


The Zambian Cabinet of Ministers approved a plan to stimulate the development of the country’s tourism sector, the authorities said on Tuesday.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Tourism Master Plan for the period 2018 to 2038, a 20-year practical development strategy aimed at enhancing the economic contribution of the tourism sector to the economy of a South African country.

The main representative of the government, Dora Siliya, said that the plan was one of the issues discussed and approved at the first cabinet meeting this year.

She said that the government believed that industries such as tourism can make a significant contribution to the economic growth compared to the traditional copper industry.

“The concept of the tourism plan is to make Zambia one of the most visited holiday destinations in Africa, and the country to become the center of regional conferences with a high-quality, diversified and sustainable tourism industry, where tourism makes an important contribution to the economic and social well-being of Zambians,” she said in the press release.

According to her, the Cabinet of Ministers also approved the creation of the Presidential Council on Tourism aimed at strengthening coordination in the country’s development of tourism.

The main functions of the Council will be to unite all ministries related to tourism growth at the level of senior officials, identify and remove obstacles to the implementation and tourism growth as well as monitor its effectiveness and progress.


  1. This is a good idea … because it will bring development in the country,such as infrastructure,good road networks and income to the country.


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