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Mnangagwa says Chamisa has the right to interrupt the dialogue


President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has a democratic right to boycott the meeting, that he called for the country’s political leadership in the State Chamber on Wednesday.

He stated this at a media briefing shortly after a four-hour meeting with politicians who challenged him in the presidential race last July.

Chamisa, who came second after Mnangagwa in the controversial poll, was not present. None of the members of his party attended the event.

Answering the question on the absence of Chamis, Mnangagwa answered that this was the democratic right of the MDC leader to avoid this event.

“I invited everyone to this meeting and other parties that were not present, this is their democratic right, as well as those who attended, this is also their democratic right to attend the meeting,” Mnangagwa said.

Chamis and his party were at the forefront of the struggle for national dialogue, but refused to recognize the legitimacy of Mnangagwa, insisting that the leader of the Pension Fund Zanu falsified his path to power.

In a speech he delivered shortly before the loud meeting, Mnangagwa was adamant, his election victory was clear.

“In connection with the agreed election results on July 30 and the subsequent announcement of the Constitutional Court. I invite all of us to accept the results of our agreed elections as the legitimate expression of the Zimbabwean people to focus on the next elections in 2023, ”he said.

When asked whether he considered mediation in the process of dialogue, Mnangagwa replied that he had invited an unnamed cleric, but was forced to dismiss him after the latter had become one whom he called an activist. “I invited an unnamed clergyman to preside at this meeting, who then became an activist, so I had to leave him and hire a retired judge Village Nare,” the president said. “President Chamis wants a national dialogue that will solve our problems, and he does not put any conditions on the negotiations to resolve our political-economic crisis. We must understand that we cannot attend the tea parties that Mnangagwa calls for,” Sibanda said.

“This dialogue should take place in conditions that are not only neutral but also facilitate dialogue. We cannot trust Mnangagwa. Where he (Chamis) will sit and what he is going to drink?”


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