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Objection to DA’s attempt to add its mayoral candidate to its local government list


A Tshwane resident and a former member of the DA Council added to the DA’s election issues by sending the SA (IEC) Electoral Commission an objection to the party’s attempt to add its mayoral candidate to his list of local authorities. Lex Middleburg claims that the party he once was a member of has violated the Election Law, trying to move Stevens Mokgalapa from the National Assembly to the local government. But the DA says he is mistaken. On Sunday the party announced that Mokgalapa was to replace Solly MSimanga who resigned last month and who would leave by February 11.

Mokgalapa is the shadow minister of international party relations.

He will give up his position in the National Assembly in the hope of closing the gap in providing services in the capital of South Africa. However, Middleburg insisted that it was illegal for the district attorney to transfer him from service in one institution to another.

He also claimed that Mokgalapa was not suitable for the management position.

In a letter to IEC Chairman Glenn Mashinini, Middleburg stated that he had a concern as a Tshwane citizen who would be directly affected by development.

He added that YES changed his list by the end of 2018 and insisted that Mokgalapa was not on the original list sent to the electoral body. “During this selection, Mokgalapa was not among the first candidates for the lists of candidates for the Tshwane City Council – in fact, his name did not figure,” Middleburg said.

He also argued that the Local Government Law: The Municipal Election Law 27 of 2000 did not provide for a political party to check its list of candidates after the municipal elections, while the Election Law 73 of 1998 and the provisions concerning the provincial legislature and the National Assembly allowed the party to revise its lists annually.

In a telephone conversation with News24, Middleburg confirmed that he had sent a letter to IEC on Tuesday. He insisted that he had the right to know what was happening with the list of the district attorney.

“Parties cannot simply replace the names on the list at will, because we voted for the people on the list,” Middleburg said.


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