Home Accidents Pretoria court postponed Nicholas Ninow case until March 5

Pretoria court postponed Nicholas Ninow case until March 5


On Friday, February 8, the Pretoria Magistrates Court postponed the consideration of the Nicholas Ninow case until March 5.

As it has been previously reported, Nicholas Ninow was charged with rape of a young girl at the Silverton restaurant’s bathroom. According to the investigation, the incident occurred in September.

“The delay tactics obviously didn’t work and I hope that the judge will not allow for further delay tactics. His excuses about drugs and being mentally unfit are just not washing. He must stand trial, it must be a speedy trial and justice must be served,” the Women and Men Against Child Abuse’s spokesperson said.

It is known that the alleged offender had previously undergone rehabilitation for drug addiction. In addition, in 2013 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as reported by Ninow’s lawyers. However, the details of the Weskoppies Medical Report will be known after the next court hearing.


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