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KZN official shot dead in his car by unknown killer


The police officers have been investigating a savage attack on a senior Alfred Duma (Ladysmith) local municipal employee that resulted in his death.

According to the reports, the crime was performed during the daytime, minutes after Oscar Hlatshwayo, the municipality’s executive director of engineering and infrastructure services, had dropped his two children at school.

The armed perpetrator caught him while he was driving his blue Jaguar down the Francis Road and unleashed a bullet barrage on him.

“As he [Hlatshwayo] drove past the KFC just a few meters from the robots at the intersection, gunshots rang out. He lost control and he did not stop at the intersection and collided with a minibus taxi. The gunmen were not in a car as there was no visible one which could have been used as a getaway car,” an anonymous witness of the incident said.

The killer’s motives remain unknown; the police are now investigating the circumstances behind the case, by interviewing the crowd from the scene.


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