Home Accidents Five people died in an abandoned mine in Mpumalanga

Five people died in an abandoned mine in Mpumalanga


On Thursday, February 7, it has come out that the number of people killed as a result of an underground gas explosion at the abandoned Gloria Coal Mine has gone up. According to the recent data, five people have died in the mine.

As the officials who are taking part in the rescue operation say, there are people trapped underground. They also confirmed the increase in the number of dead to five people.

As it became known earlier, a large group of people entered the abandoned Gloria Coal Mine in Mpumalanga. Supposedly, they wanted to steal the copper cables. However, this part of information is not confirmed by either the Department of Mineral Resources or the police.

According to the department representative, the rescue operation is hampered by the lack of electricity and underground gas that swept through the mine.


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