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SA authorities: parliament prepared for SONA 2019


Finishing touches have been made by the parliament to host South Africa’s annual State of the Nation address — one of the most important political events that will bring president Ramaphosa an opportunity to share with people across the whole country the state of issues the republic is facing and the progress made since the previous address.

The SONA will be held tomorrow and scheduled to start at 7 pm. The theme for 2019 is “Following up on our commitments: Making Your Future Work Better”.

Engineers have already set up two main zones of the event — the makeshift stage in front of the National Assembly, where the President will have his speech, as well as special places for the cameras and the light equipment.

The presiding officers also met with the security and did an inspection, checking all sections were safe and operated properly.

“We have looked at areas of arrangements that address certain specific concerns that are based on the professional understanding of the security needs when you have an occasion such as the one we are going to have tomorrow.”


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