Home Society Zimbabweans are concerned about the bread price hike

Zimbabweans are concerned about the bread price hike


Zimbabweans have expressed their concern about the rise in bread prices. Local residents have expressed indignation over several bread producers.

According to one of the Zimbabwean vendors, Yvonne Mwashumba, bakers are waiting for the government to take appropriate measures. Mwashumba also claims that he barely covers his costs.

The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (Fewsnet) spokesperson has previously reported on the current food situation in Zimbabwe. According to him, the food security situation in the country may be complicated:

“The continued macro-economic challenges have eroded rural and urban livelihoods to the point that an increasing number of poor households will continue to face food and livelihood deficits from January to April, as well as some middle and better-off households,” Fewsnet said.


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