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Twitter exchanges offer a look at the gaping cracks in the DA


The gloves came off on Monday, when MP Phumzile van Damme took the former party leader Helen Sill with him to protest the tax riot advocated by the Prime Minister Western Cape. Van Damme did not spare the party’s former political leader, Gwen Ngwenya, when she accused her of supporting something she hadn’t actually read about.

The drama began when the wicked Van Damme, who is one of those who distance the district attorney from Zille’s idea, said in a series of tweets that she would not agitate only “for the work of my and many others to be thrown to us and done to seem meaningless.” She charged Zille, who wrote a column on this topic that was published on Monday, stating that her column does not clarify the actual questions that she and many others asked.

“It also seems strange to me that nowhere in your column do you encourage people to use the power of your voice to bring about change,” said Van Damme. The former prime minister replied that she “kept my powder dry, while deliberately ignorant trolls beat me with a distortion of what I actually said about #TaxRevolt.”

Then she referred to the link to her article. “As my research continues, there will be more,” said Zille.

Responding to one of her followers on Twitter about a possible outrage, the imperturbable Zille said:

“Yes, I am waiting for the trolls to signal virtue to start. Bread and circuses. “

Van Damme replied that she was not the one Zille mentioned in her tweet about trolls.

“It would be a shame if you turned down healthy debates and questions from your colleagues, as was done. All ideas must be weighed, carefully evaluated and discussed. No one is an oracle and does not have a monopoly on the ideas in the DA, which I joined and which I belong to,” she said.

Van Damme also said that it was unfortunate that the discussion of Zille’s proposal occurred on Twitter, because it did not provide the DA with the opportunity to discuss the issue.

She then asked Sill to answer the questions she posed to her last week, including the one whether the residents of the Western Cape would be encouraged to take part in the tax rebellion.

Van Damme also hit Ngvenia when she commented on controversial debates. Ngvenia posted on her wall that “if we do not consider a reasonable tax uprising, it is based on the premise where the corrupt get out of control, and the party that promoted corruption wins the election.”

“The 1st prize is obviously the prosecution and change in the behavior of voters. This is about what happens if these two things DO NOT happen. Not difficult,” she said.

Van Damme found her tweet interesting and asked to give some facts for a few simple questions that she had sent to Zille. She also said that she assumed that Ngwenya had fully considered Zille’s idea before supporting her.

“I will wait and accept the answer without an answer, because you really have no answers, because this is just a populist idea that has not been fully developed or thought through.”


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