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Massive teacher recruitment has started in Zimbabwe


The Zimbabwean government submitted 1,500 future teacher profiles to the Public Service Commission (CSC). The candidatures of potential teachers will be reviewed and confirmed further in the relevant department.

Earlier, the government announced its plans to recruit 3,000 teachers in order to address personnel shortages, an issue that remains particularly acute in the education field. The scenario with the ratio of teachers and students in rural schools of 1: 120 adversely affects the quality of education.

According to the PSC chairman Dr Vincent Hungwe, the teacher recruitment is indeed taking place:

“So far, 1 500 names have been submitted to the Public Service Commission for consideration and confirmation. The first batch prioritises schools in the rural areas. Concurrent with the foregoing, the attention of the Commission has been drawn to the plight of (19 993) teachers who completed their training, some as far back as 2012, but have not yet been placed in teaching positions,” Hungwe said.



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