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ANC welcomed the SABC decision to abandon retrenchments


On Thursday, the ANC welcomed the decision of the SABC public television company to refuse to publish notifications under section 189, which would lead to a reduction of over 1,000 workers.

“ANC has always believed that employers, including state-owned enterprises, should exhaust all possibilities before resorting to reduction. We are pleased that SABC decided not to renew the notice under section 189 after constructive engagement with relevant stakeholders,” the ANC National Representative, Zizi Kodwa, said in a statement.

“Although we appreciate the difficult economic conditions, we are still convinced that creative solutions can always be found through the honest and open participation of the affected parties. We remember that this step does not mean that SABC is not yet in the forest. but it’s an encouraging step towards finding durable solutions. “

Kodwa said that the ruling party praised Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams and the parliamentary public relations committee for “their leadership and leadership on this issue.”

“We urge SABC to continue to work with stakeholders to restore a reliable public broadcaster that the country can be proud of,” Kodwa said.


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