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Prodigal sons and daughters return to the ANC


This is the case when love did not disappear after Cope and EFF in the Northern Cape stated that they were not disturbed by the loss of high-ranking members, some of whom are prodigal sons and daughters of the ANC, who returned to their former political home.

On Wednesday the ANC Francys Baard region welcomed Fred Wyngaard, the Governor of Cope Province, Acting Deputy Secretary and Proportional Representative (PR) Cope Rosie Ludik, and Sandra Doyle, PR Officer.

National counter-terrorism leader, Lekota, had previously indicated that Ludick would be subject to a disciplinary hearing after she sided with the ANC at a meeting of the council, at which she voted for ANC last year to retain the former executive mayor, Sol-Plaatje Mangaliso Matika, while members of the opposition councils voted to remove him from office.

Wyngaard worked in various executive structures of the ANC and was a member of the MEC for various portfolios, although he was still a member of the ANC. “I left Cope on Wednesday with immediate effect. I voluntarily joined the ANC without any motive for material advantage and personal gain. I also resigned as a public relations adviser, ”said Ludick.

“I demonstrated my constitutional rights. I am pleased with my decision. I hope everyone will respect my decision and my right.” Wyngaard could not be reached for comment. Doyle said Wednesday that she did not leave the EFF out of anger.

“I resigned due to unresolved organizational issues. I don’t miss anyone. I joined EFF in 2015 and was a former ANC member. I’m just returning to my old political home. Sometimes you learn from your mistakes, ”she said. Doyle added that she will be a regular member of the ANC and will not hold any senior position in the organization.

The chairman of the National Council, Pakes Dikgetsi, said that he had no plans to move to the ANC. “They stopped trying to convince me to come back to the party in 2012, when I told them where to go. The party (Cope) is not worried about the departure of Wingard and the People – the party is growing. We welcome their move to the ANC, which is long overdue, in fact, this is a relief. It was obvious that their hearts had not been with Cope for some time. ”


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