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ANC stalwart and former MP Ben Turok agrees with Ramaphosa: protecting jobs must be part of a new deal


The persistent member of the African National Congress (ANC) and former Member of Parliament Ben Turok states he agrees with President Cyril Ramaphosa that the time has come for the so-called New Deal, but it must be implemented under certain conditions.

On Tuesday, Turok, together with the colleagues from the Institute of African Alternatives and several scientists, held a seminar in Salt River. The goal was to discuss strategies for reanimation of the economy. Turok said that the Tuesday seminar brought several ideas that should be included in the new course of Ramaphosa.

First, he says that there should be restrictions on the remuneration of managers: “In many cases, the pay of managers is too high and in fact is a robbery of national wealth, and part of the deal will be the obligation of enterprises to undertake smaller increases.”

Secondly, Turok says that jobs must be protected, saying that there must be certain obligations to workers. For example, if enterprises are granted concessions under a transaction, they will have to ensure that reductions are the last resort.

The persistent supporter of the ANC believes that the new course will have no weight if it does not include an infrastructure program for local villages.


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