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Unisa extended registration after students’ protests


The University of South Africa (Unisa) has postponed the final registration date to Thursday, January 31, following massive protests among students that began at the start of year 2019.

According to a statement made by the university’s spokesperson Martin Ramotshela, this applies to the registration for undergraduate higher certificates, diplomas and degrees, advanced certificates, advanced diplomas, BTechs and postgraduate certificates.

“We urge all students to register as soon as possible and not to wait for the final date of January 31,” he added.

The move was made to compensate the first week of January, when the registration process was partly blocked due to a closure of Unisa’s campuses across the country, organized by its students.

At that time the university claimed that it had suffered from a lack-of-space issue as well as several others and could not continue to work properly with such a big amount of attendants. However, after a bilateral meeting with student leaders Unisa considered additional 25000 learners.


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