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Two helicopters water-bomb blaze in Cape


Firefight services deployed two helicopters to combat the massive blaze which has been burning at Lion’s Head since Sunday.

“This morning we have two helicopters that are water-bombing the inaccessible areas and we’ve managed to downscale to only 10 firefighting vehicles that remain on scene,” City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue spokesperson Theo Layne.

The whole fire appears to be under control, according to a statement made by Cape Town Mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith. This was due to not only attempts made by local fire crews but also due to weather conditions and, especially, the wind, which have drastically weakened since Sunday.

No injuries among residents or services nor damage to the nearest private property have been registered. However, only one person who was sleeping on the mountain during incident was hospitalized with 45% burns, said in the reports.

The roads in the area remain closed as safety measures.


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