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ANC condemned attack on its Sedibeng office


An act of an arson attack, which happened at the Sedibeng regional offices of the African National Congress (ANC), put the main party in anger. According to an ANC’s statement, party condemned those actions, saying it was performed by an unknown perpetrator with pure cowardice.

“The burning of our offices is tantamount to an attack on the people of Sedibeng and it is an act of cowardice by people who want to use violence and threats to undermine the work of the ANC in the Region,” said the ANC.

No workers from staff was injured in fire as only one person — a caretaker, according to the reports, — was in the building at that time. The man said the loud noise of broken window had awakened him and after that he saw the blaze but managed to escape the premises.

For now, the ANC is working in cooperation with law enforcement agencies to ensure the criminal will be caught. A case of arson has been registered and the investigation has been under way.


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