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Madagascar on high alert as flood hits island north


Heavy rains and continuous thunderstorms brought the flood to the northern parts of Madagascar at the start of this week.

Since Monday tons of water have already filled central streets of Antsiranana, the capital of Diana Region, damaging residents’ houses, cars and other property. According to eyewitnesses’ information, several building in Ambilobe (also the part of the region) was partially destroyed.

Bord de la mer t@ 06ora Téo!…

Posted by Uir Majunga on Monday, 21 January 2019

Madagascar’s government warned all people, living in that area, to avoid any outside walks and to be extremely careful as the storm proceeds. The local Ministry of Education has already canceled classes at the Kandreho, Tsaratanana and Dren Betsiboka schools to provide children safety.


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