Home Politics South Africa calls to continue supporting Sudan

South Africa calls to continue supporting Sudan


South Africa encouraged the African Union – United Nations Hybrid Mission (UNAMID) to continue providing technical and logistical assistance for peace in Sudan. It was announced by the South African representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Jerry Matjila, during a briefing at the UN Security Council briefing on Sudan sanctions.

“We remain concerned at the continued violations of the arms embargo including the transfer of weapons to Darfur which destabilises the situation on the ground. In this regard we urge UNAMID, in accordance with resolution 2429 to continue to provide technical and logistical assistance to the Sudan disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration (DDR) Commission,” Matjila noted.

Republic of South Africa urged UNAMID to protect Sudan civilians even after improving the situation in Darfur. The SA asked to pay close attention to the camps for  internally displaced people’s (IDP) camps, as well as the safety of women and children, who often suffer from sexual violence.


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