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Section27 blames DA over “ANC is killing us” billboard


Section 27 states that, although corruption and lack of political responsibility should be highlighted, this cannot be at the expense of those who died as a result of the tragedies.

The lobbying group criticized the Democratic Alliance (DA) for its electoral shield called “ANC is killing us,” which was established in Johannesburg CBD this week.

The banner lists the names of those who died in the tragedy “The Life of Esídimeni”, the Marikana massacre, and the five-year-old Michael Komape, who died in a toilet with pits.

A non-governmental organization attacked the opposition party for not requesting permission from affected families before showing the names of their loved ones.

Ngqabutho Mpofu from the 27th section said: “Unfortunately, the DA did not seem to learn from this. We see it again in Life Esidimeni, where it happened first during Human Rights Day last year, and now again, despite the fact that families really go out and say that they are very concerned about this and have not been consulted. ”


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