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ANC presents official complaint for the DA billboard


The African National Congress (ANC) filed a formal complaint with the Independent Electoral Commission regarding the scandalous electoral shield of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the CBD of Johannesburg.

The party was widely criticized for the board, which was promulgated this week with the words “ANC Kills Us” with the names of the victims of Life Esidimeni and the miners of Marikana. The IEC Sy Mamabolo General Election Committee says that the question of a billboard is being reviewed by its National Communications Committee after the ANC has filed a complaint.

“We have given the opportunity to the committee on relations with national parties to reflect on this issue. In particular, the possible impact of such a campaign on the climate in which the elections will take place. ”

Sy Mamabolo says that although the publication of titles is not directly related to electoral legislation, some of them were angry.

He says that while the IEC encourages active election campaigning, parties should keep their campaigns clean.


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