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DWS urges Limpopo residents to save water due to low dam levels


The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) urges Limpopo residents to use water economically. The DWS issued a warning due to the fact that the water level in dams falls every week, but the average level in the province this week is 60.1%, while last week the value was 59.7%.

As notes the press office of the South African government, a weekly summary of Water Management Area (WMA) has recorded a serious decline in dam levels at Limpopo.

Despite the fact that the situation is not very critical, the authorities urge citizens to save water in order to provide themselves with water supply until the next rains.

“People should not enter into the water if they are unable to swim and parents should not leave their children playing along the dams of river banks unattended. People should always be careful especially in places where it is indicated that fishing and swimming is not allowed. We are currently experiencing severe thunderstorms in some parts of the province, so it is not advisable to be going into the dams or rivers during this period”, added the Department’s Acting Regional Head in Limpopo, Mr Lesiba Tloubatla.


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