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SASSA warns of card scammers


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has warned South Africans of the latest scams with stolen cards. According to a statement made on Tuesday, fraudsters illegally sell them all across the social media attempting to get money from the residents, whereas all SASSA services are completely free and are not for sale.

“These stolen cards were immediately deactivated and are worthless, so the public is warned not to be tempted to try to buy them as they are useless. No grants can be drawn from the stolen cards and anyone buying them stands to lose out, and if caught, [they] may be charged with possession of stolen property,” Abraham Mahlangu, SASSA Acting CEO, said.

He also urged people of SA not to disclose strangers their personal data including ID numbers, PINs and SASSA card numbers.

The agency has been constantly interacting with the police to prevent scam cases and to expose criminals, who have already cheated social grant beneficiaries. SASSA hopes to arrest the mastermind behind swindles in the months to come.


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