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ANC blows up police for not dealing with a farmer who shot protestors


The African National Congress condemned the fact that, according to them, the police did not take action against a local farmer who was swinging his arms at the demonstrators in Greyton in the province of Western Cape.

The party stated that tensions in the area were growing rapidly, and called on the local municipality, governed by the Democratic Alliance, to take the demand for land from the residents of the informal settlement in Madiba Park seriously.

The residents’ protest outraged the farmer, forcing him to get out of the car and rally with the protesters, holding a pistol. He called the behaviour of the farmer outrageous and wanted to intimidate blacks. “We demand that the police put an end to such behavior, which is so reminiscent of apartheid in South Africa. We demand an investigation of the police inaction, ” Jacobs said.

“We believe that Greyton is on the edge of a knife. The municipality should take the demands put forward … seriously. Knowing the district attorney, their contempt and disregard for the poor, we won’t be surprised if they don’t lift their finger.”



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