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Afrocentric history curriculum gets approved


DURBAN – The announcement made by Education Minister Angie Motshekga to reexamine the curriculum and make it more Afrocentric and compatible to South African pupils was warmly welcomed by teachers’  unions and teachers in KwaZulu-Natal.

According to ministerial recommendations made last December comprehensive review of the history curriculum from grades 4 to 12 should be carried out to assure varied perspectives were comprised.

Bheki Shandu, of the SA Democratic Teachers’ Union, said KwaZulu-Natal’s history is rich in leaders who struggled to defeat colonialism and apartheid.

“In one way or another, pupils would now be reading about the history of their great grandfathers who were involved in the history of the country, the formation of political parties, what they went through and what led to the freedom they are enjoying today,” he said.

The task team responsible for the changes extended its study to the countries such as Brazil, China, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe to seek the ways to reinforce the curriculum and avoid weak points.

Task team leader Professor Sifiso Ndlovu said he believed a comprehensive, well-rounded and accurate teaching of history would help pupils understand themselves better and assist the country in moving forward together.


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