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Zimbabwean policeman caught while giving a bribe


Recently one unpleasant incident involving a policeman appeared in the network. The scandal erupted after an ambiguous video involving a policeman was distributed.
In this video a police officer from Mobile Unit in combat uniform is seen pleading for leniency from agitated members of the public for not issuing a receipt after he allegedly collected money from a motorist at Kagem security check point on the Copperbelt.
It became known that the authorities had already identified the policeman from this video and appropriate actions would be taken. The Zambia Police Service has commenced administrative action against this officer.

A statement was also made by Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo. She noticed that the officer’s actions were undoubtedly inappropriate. She also said that his behavior could affect the attitude of citizens towards the whole police. Esther Katongo confirmed that the identification of a police officer was carried out and that administrative measures would be taken against him. In her opinion, eyewitnesses of this event also need to testify. Therefore, she urged everyone who has any information on this case to go to the nearest police station and tell what happened.

Katongo repeated that this officer’s behavior was inappropriate and could have a negative impact on the entire police force. She also reminded all police officers of their duty and ending corruption.

At the end of her statement, she also focused on the receipts. Police Spokesperson added that in order to avoid an increase in the level of corruption, all citizens and organizations should require a receipt from police officers for payment of fines or other payments.


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