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Vice President of Zimbabwe Kembo Dugish Mohadi speaks on GNU talks with Nelson Chamisa’s MDC reports


According to reports by some media the ruling party is allegedly already pushing to have opposition figure, Mr Tendai Biti, in Government. According to their sources, this became necessary because of his ties with the West, in particular with the United States.

But yesterday, VP Mohadi dismissed this reports in the interview with the Chronicle. He noted that Zanu-PF was not interested in any coalition talks with the opposition as the ruling party has total control of Parliament. According to him they haven`t heard anything of that sort or any approach from those who would want a national unity. He added that they were ready for dialogue if someone wanted to discuss this issue.

VP Mohadi concluded that the ruling party wants unity to get people of Zimbabwe together to work and progress together and speak with one voice. As well Mohadi stressed that the oppositional party should not stand aside, but participate in the life of the country.

The Vice President said the MDC Alliance must recognize ED Mnangagwa as the country’s President. He spoke about the recent situation in parliament, when the members of the opposition did not want to recognize the president.

According to Mohadi, Mnangagwa is the president of every Zimbabwean citizen, so even enemies should recognize this fact.

“We want them to recognize that he is the President of Zimbabwe. They can treat him differently as the leader of Zanu-PF but not when it comes to the country and we will not allow that,” – Mohadi said.


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