According to FAO sources, Mozambique’s export is limited and mostly aimed at South Africa, importing citrus fruits, apples, grapes and pears.

If we talk about Mozambique’s agriculture, then according to official data the country produces 1.1 million tons of products, made up mostly of tomatoes and bananas. Most companies in the country are small, although there are a few larger ones. According to analysts, strengthening the fresh produce sector in Mozambique is a priority for economic and social development.

The president of Macfrut delegation Renzo Piraccini said they had visited several companies around Maputo. He noted the one is owned by Angel Miguel Cumaio. He shared more about this production covering 13 hectares and growing 25 types of vegetables including cabbage, medicinal herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and coriander.

“The company employs 35 people with a monthly salary of around €100. The entrepreneur is very pleased with the results and wants to develop this technology further,” –  Piraccini added.

Another example of local farmers is Bernardo Antonio, who is a producer with a 2500 m greenhouse of soilless crops. He grows tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and sells his entire production to Maputo’s Spar supermarket.

According to local farmers, the Maputo market is very different from those in Europe. There are no modern facilities and trading is carried out under tents trying to keep cool as much as possible. Also hygienic conditions are awful and the lack of refrigeration contributes to the rapid deterioration of fresh vegetables and fruits. Nevertheless, the Maputo market is very lively and most of the production destined to traditional Maputo retailers passes through here. Another step towards the modern market was the development of super-market chains to have their own platforms and establish direct relationships with their suppliers.


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