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The Interior Minister of Angola denounced the police abuses against street vendors committed on Monday in the São Paulo Market


On Monday São Paulo saw an ambiguous incident with the police involvement. The goods of some vendors have been damaged because of the inappropriate police actions.

The Ministry of the Interior today condemned police abuses committed against the street vendors in the São Paulo market in Luanda. The government also acknowledged that the behavior of law enforcement officers was not proper. According to the authorities, they have received information on those officers and they will be sanctioned.

As it turned out, the aggressive actions of the police are related to the “Operation Redemption” program designed to fight illegal trade. Such police actions were followed by numerous rallies and protests by sellers. Protesters tried to get to the city center and the presidential palace.

The Angolan Interior Minister made a statement saying that it was impossible to see only the downside in police actions. According to him, the police have exceeded their authority but this is an isolated case. Tackling the street trading is necessary and brings positive outcome.

Ângelo Veiga Tavares urged the media to partner and assist the government in implementing this program.

The Interior Minister highlighted that the “Operation Redemption” is not confined to the issue of disorder in the itinerant commerce. It is designed to restore the state authority throughout the country. “Operation Redemption ” was successfully implemented about a year ago, with a few exceptions.


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