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Mrs. Mwanakatwe says the country has to enhance its revenue collection to become independent


In a recent speech, the Minister of Finance commented on the tax payment situation in Zambia.

According to Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, the country is too dependent on its resources today. She believes that one of the ways to make the country stronger and more independent is to increase revenue collection.

The other day she spoke at the official opening of the Zambia Revenue Authority East Park Mall Service Center. On the same day, she sincerely thanked the Zambia Revenue Authority for the modernization and restructuring of almost all their operations.

In her address, she also noted the mobilization of domestic revenue that could be realized if the government made collecting operations closer and more understandable to ordinary people.

Further, the minister urged the ZRA commissioner general to make every effort to involve all interested parties in the process. In her opinion, one of the most important goals now is to promote a culture of paying taxes among the nation. She said that there are many citizens and companies in the country who wanted to pay all taxes and the state should help them.

Earlier ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda announced that it is planned to open service centers soon. These centers will be opened in different parts of the county and relieve the work of the ZRA offices. Specialists in these service centers will help citizens pay taxes in a timely and accurate manner. He gave an example of East Park Mall service center that works as efficiently as five other centers in Lusaka.

Kingsley Chanda also noted that the state plans to open a large number of such service centers in order to increase the tax payment level throughout the country.


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