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ZANU-PF endorsed President Mnangagwa as the party’s sole presidential candidate in the 2023 elections


Yesterday ZANU-PF meeting took place in Bulawayo province. At this meeting, the party adopted several decisions and resolutions. Resolutions unanimously adopted by the party’s Bulawayo Provincial Coordinating Committee will take effect as soon as various thematic committees discuss a range of details. An extensive discussion is planned for next week at Esigodini at the National People’s Conference.

The thematic committees would discuss the state of the party, its international and regional relations with liberation movements, science and technology, women and youth affairs and the culture, social services, the economy, media, religion and liberation of war heritage.

Resolutions concerning the finalization of the exercise and ex-detainees and which include the coordinating committees (DCCs) were also approved.

One of the most important decisions which was made yesterday is that the party should not engage in any talks on a government of national unity with MDC Alliance.

The party made a decision regarding the elections of 2023, having decided to nominate the only candidate – president Mnangagwa.

Having discussed the issue of elections, members of the party also concluded that it is necessary to improve the work of the party and try to make the elections more transparent.

Zanu-PF made a resolution that party should strengthen its relations with other regional and international liberation movements and engage leaders in neighbor countries.

Cde Mashaba also noted: “We also agreed on the need to decentralise the registry offices so that licences, identity cards and passports can be accessed electronically at either provincial or district level instead of everything being done in Harare.”


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