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“Portugal is not the main hiding place” of Angola’s illegal profit


This Saturday in Lisbon the President of Angola noted that Portugal is not the “main hiding place” of the Angolan fortunes with illicit origin that the government of João Lourenço wants to recover through the new law of “incongruous goods”.

One of the latest moments of the state visit by the President of the Republic of Angola to Portugal – the third in the 40 years of Angolan democracy – was a press conference with the Portuguese media, followed by a lunch with the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

In three days a message appears in Lisbon and Porto that two-sided relations are on a “new level”, “the irritant [jargon of diplomacy for serious problems] has disappeared” and that Portugal “is a very beloved country by the Angolans.” João Lourenço said that Portugal and Angola have no disagreements.

However, the relations between the two counties are not perfect in his view: “They are very good so we have an obligation to continue working for excellence,” – said the president of Angola.

The president did not mention Angola`s debt. He just said that Portugal has already agreed to the certification made by Angola – 270 million euros. Half of this sum has already been paid and the rest should be paid soon.

When asked about the tweet by Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the former president, where she warns of the deep crisis in Angola, the head of state rejected the idea that the country is or will be in a crisis.

“We would like to see the Portuguese entrepreneurs in Angola and in force. “In 1961, when the colonial war broke out, António de Oliveira Salazar, President of the Council for most of Estado Novo, called for the Portuguese to go” to Angola quickly and easily to “fight against the guerrillas,” –  Lourenço, added on the diversification of the Angolan economy and appealed to the Portuguese investment.


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