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Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Tuesday said that culture and tourism are true factors for economic development


This week there took place the opening of two-day Culture and Tourism Congress in Maputo. During one of performances Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said that culture and tourism are really true factors for economic development and the promotion of world peace.

President noted that he believed that culture and tourism were factors of development through protecting and valuing the country’s cultural heritage, and maximising its potential as a tourist destination.

And this special Congress, he believed, was a space for production of scientific knowledge and the debate of ideas, the discussion, and as such it opens possibilities for the government to draw up strategies for the culture and tourism sector and seeking consensus in the definition of public policies.

We remind that the congress results from a partnership between the University of Minho in Portugal, the Polytechnic University of Mozambique, the Centre of Studies on Communication and Society, with the collaboration of the Mozambican Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Filipe Nyusi separately emphasized that debates on themes linked to tourism and culture in universities of Mozambique would help the government advance to more structured and scientific knowledge, based on evidence and studies. He explained that the government was guided by scientific production so that the policies drawn up had a foundation which guaranteed that country was on the right path.

The leader of Mozambique finished the speech with words about the universal peace and association of the people. “We are convinced that culture and tourism also play a key role in the promotion of peace and of bringing peoples together,” –  Nyusi added.


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