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Witnesses of the state, are dissatisfied that they recently to the head of municipality of the city of Katima Mulilo Raphael Lisvaniso, allowed to return for work after his conditional release on the security


Within about three months of Raphael Liswaniso was forced to leave as he was discharged of service because of suspicions of corruption. In August several charges of corruption, contravening the Procurement Act and fraud were brought to him after he awarded the tender, despite the order not to do it which arrived from the procurement review committee.

Now the court commuted its penalty without regard to indignation of the public and Liswaniso returned to work, and state witnesses which could give evidences against him were very revolted with this decision.

After return of Raphael Lisvaniso to council most of employees are skeptical about this fact, without understanding why he in general returned to work. One of anonymous sources which gave the interview to the New Era said:

“The initial bail conditions prevented him from interfering with state witnesses, but now he is going to work with the same people who are potential state witnesses, and some of them have already testified against him, how will that work out?”

According to this source after Liswaniso was accused by court, the administration of council had to make the internal investigation and discharge him of service.

The sentence for Raphael Liswaniso was softened with court without regard to the fact that about 500 people signed the petition against his release on the security. In this petition opponents of Liswaniso say that if the court dismisses his charges and he will return to work, then he will have an access to all proofs against him and Liswaniso, of course, will get rid of them.

Directly Katima Mulilo Mayor Georgina Mwiya-Simataa commenting on this situation said that at council there is no choice except to obey to the judgment of court and to continue work under the direction of Liswaniso. She explained it with the fact that in council there were never made internal investigations, especially, when the CEO was accused of corruption.


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