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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Pacheko made an official visit to Republic of India


According to official information today  on November 29 the visit of José Pacheco, the minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to Republic of India will begin. This two-day trip was organized mostly for strengthening and development of the bilateral relations between Mozambique and India.

One of the main objectives of the minister Pacheco in New Delhi, is carrying out official negotiations with minitsry of Foreign Affairs of India Sushma Swaraj. Leaders should discuss a present stage of development, political, economic, trade, social and investment situations and also they will discuss the further prospects of cooperation of two countries.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pacheco intends to visit a joint businesss-forum of Mozambique and India.

Also according to the plan he will have to give a lecture in one of the Indian institutes which is engaged in strategic researches. Participation in this action is aimed mostly at improvement of image of the country and attraction of large volumes of investments, especially Indian.

During this diplomatic visit of José Pacheco he heads delegation which will participate in the fourth session of the Intergovernmental joint committee created by Mozambique and India for the organization of close cooperation in spheres of economy, technologies, sciences and cultures.

Group of businessmen, led by Confederation of the Economical Associations of Mozambique, CTA, Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Exports, APIEX will accompany the minister on this trip. Also together with him therr are some staff of such ministries as: Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, of the Economy and Finances, of the Industry and Commerce, of Dwelling and Hydric Resources, of the Mineral Resources and Energy, of Health Care, of Science, of the Higher Education, of Technologies and Public Works.


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