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The government of Zimbabwe issued the schedule of payment of bonuses to public servants


Yesterday the people of Zimbabwe heard about fine news which rushed on all media. It is that the government decided to pay bonuses to public servants and yesterday published the plan of payments for 2018.

It was declared that in the beginning the 13th salary will be received by the military, military pilots, serving police and prisons, they will receive bonuses already on November 28. Further on November 29 the workers involved in education will receive their payments. Other public servants in Zimbabwe will receive a bonus already on November 30.

Professor Mthuli Ncube Finance and Economic Development Minister last week at discussion of the budget told about the system of calculation of bonuses this year. In difference of last year when all payments public servants were included in calculations including grants, this year only the amount of constant salary will be considered.

“Traditionally, payment of the 13th cheque is computed based on basic salary, housing and transport allowances. For 2017, the budget incurred expenditure of US$174,6 million. However, as we embark on austerity measures focusing on enhancing the health of our public finances, the budget proposes a 13th cheque that is computed based on basic salary only (excluding housing and transport allowances). This proposal will yield financial savings of around US$75 million per annum,”said Prof Ncube.

Also he noted that according to Transitional Stabilization Programme (TSP) and aspiration of the state to the average level of income through the whole country Professor Mthuli Ncube told that reduction of the public expenditures and control of the law on the salary is carried out for complete budgetary stabilization.

He agreed with the fact that public servants in Zimbabwe have to be awarded on merits for their heavy service.


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