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“Chinese loving heart” Namibia (NCLHO) says the group will temporarily suspend donations and charity


On Monday representatives of the charitable organization Namibia Chinese Loving Heart (NCLHO) made the statement that they would temporarily freeze the activity at Namibia’s territory.

Their official statement read:

“The NCLHO has also undergone shrinkage and standstill in its donations and charitable activities.”

This organization was founded in 2007 under the direction of Huang to ensure financial support and education to needy groups of the Namibian population. Jack Huang also said that in its work NCLHO relies on activity of enterprises from their group of companies in Namibia, but at the moment they cannot financially support charity further.

NCLHO also said in the statement that the last time, besides national financial crisis, the personal and business reputation of Huang suffered from a big amount of criticism, therefore the profit on all his enterprises was a little reduced.

“Unfortunately and unexpectedly, the founder and sponsor of the NCLHO Jack Huang has been embroiled in an alleged financial case of tax evasion, attacked by a biased local media, mistreated by certain Namibian government agencies, denied credit funds by some local banks, and even detained at one time by police on groundless and unreasonable accusations at the beginning of 2017.”

Nevertheless, NCLHO hopes that Namibia will cope with financial problems in the near future, and media will begin to attract foreign investors instead of attacking them. Also they promised to try and help those children who have already been studying according to their programs, therefore, they will try to ensure the schools see them finish their studies.
Jack Huang added from his side that he hoped Namibia would soon attract new foreign investments, their enterprises would return to work, and together they would reboot national economy.


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