A few days ago in Lisbon in the Union of the Capitals of Portuguese (UCCLA) one of the most famous Portuguese philosophers and public figures Fernando dos Santos Neves acted. Fernando dos Santos Neves is as known as the author of the book “Quo Vadis Angola?” and social humanitarian aid in education in Angola. In the aspiration to help the countries of Africa, upholding of an accurate position of restoration of strong and independent Angola led to the fact that he was excluded from scientific community in Paris and Rome. Despite this  fact Fernando dos Santos Neves continue to believe in his purpose and in his speech he insisted that the Community of the Countries of Portuguese Language have to help with development of Angola.

The Portuguese philosopher already long time supports the president João Lourenço and this time he also remembered his orientation to improve life of ordinary Angolans.

“It was not a chance that the last word of John Lourenço, in the speech of the investiture like President of Angola, was a democracy, which is one of the biggest necessities,” – said Fernando dos Santos Neves. He said that only whth maintaining democracy and under the leadership of the current president bright future of Angola can become a reality, for the reason that the new reality is simply necessary because of the collected problems in the country now. He also spoke about the possible help from Portugal, naturally, without any colonial relations.

In response to the speech of Fernando dos Santos Neves the General Secretary of UCCLA, Vítor Ramalho  emphasized undoubted deep Santos Neves’s knowledge of the Angola question. He also spoke about inevitability of changes in Angola as José Eduardo dos Santos former president was replaced by João Lourenço.

“João Lourenço already transmitted to the world-wide public opinion a set of principles accepted by the international community, between which the combat to the corruption,” – noted Ramalho at the end of the meeting.


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