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The ambassador of the Republic of South Africa declared desire of the government build the monuments devoted to fighters of ANC in Angola


The performance in municipality of Dembos, the northern Province of Bengo was one of points on a trip of the ambassador of South Africa in Angola Fannie Mfana Phokola. The ambassador visited the former concentration camp of the African National Congress (ANC) in the Area of Kubaksa, Dembos.

In the speech he mentioned sincere desire of his government to create in the territory of Angola monuments in honor of defenders of ANC who opposed apartheid. He did not designate concrete dates, and noticed only that for implementation of this project it will be necessary to prepare and observe all required procedures which will be discussed by the governments of two countries. At the beginning the government of South Africa would like to discuss construction of monuments as historical heritage in Viana e Mulevo where there was one of transit bases ANC.

He was also concerned by the fact that the administration in some places of burial of the South African defenders did not understand the true purposes of cooperation of two countries, and sees in them only negative motives. But he noted that in South Africa will always remember all nine special military bases and those who battled against apartheid.

One of politicians of Angola, Domingos Guilherme, the deputy governor Bengo on technical services and infrastructures noticed also one more i fact important for the general history of Angola and South Africa. According to him only around Dembos two places of burial were found, namely in the “Mata de Saúde” n the town of Kimpungo and at the “Casa Nova” in the communist of the Piri.

At the end of a diplomatic visit of Fannie Mfana Phokola representatives of the government of Angola said that they would be glad to cooperate with businessmen from South Africa.


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